Lottery is not a casino: features of lotto results

What do you know about the lottery? First of all, this is a legal type of gambling where there is always a chance to win. Comparing with the casino, where the fight is for someone else’s capital or the money of the institution itself, in the lottery, everything is much more transparent, since there is a chance to get the finances contributed by lottery participants. In other words, this is one of the safest and easiest ways to get rich almost instantly, which today has received a new life in the online lotomats of the club.

Official license from UNL

The first difference is official work. The lack of state control makes the owners free and they do everything possible to make it impossible to win in their service.

Official lottomats work differently: if you visit the site, you are automatically protected from deception and fraud. Why?

• the company operates under an official license of a domestic operator;

• there is a license from the Ministry of Finance to issue and conduct lotteries;

• all income and operations are subject to the necessary taxes paid to the budget.

Security and anonymity

Another important point when participating in online games is the security of personal data. If you want to top up your gaming account or withdraw earnings, you need to log in and enter your real data, Bank card number, and other information. Some services require verification, which involves sending copies of personal documents. The sending of these data to a strange office, which works illegally, usually leads to tragic consequences, including the creation of credits from the various MFI’s in your name.

Online lottery players are definitely not in danger and there are 3 reasons for this:

• the company is fully subject to the law “on personal data protection” and is fully liable in case of violation of this law;

• online lottery values its established reputation and the honest name of a reliable partner;

• all user information is stored in a special storage, which is available to a limited number of employees and only the client himself.

Promotions and bonuses

If you want to make sure that the lottery has nothing to do with an online casino, you need to get acquainted with several more features of the bonus system of the service, aimed at helping players win, and not taking away more money from lotto results.

Cashback 10%

The opportunity to get 10% of the amount lost during the week in the form of cashback can be considered a unique phenomenon. Online lottery often cares about its players, so it is ready to return some of the funds even in the case of a failed game results.

All of the above features of the service indicate that it works, first of all, in order for people to have a chance to get an instant win in the lottery, the victory in which is determined not by the program, but really by a chance. Have a good game!

In Europe, only state lotteries are allowed. If a private company or organization wants to organize its own lottery, they must obtain the appropriate license.

In China, lotteries are not a form of gambling according to the law. You should note that the most popular Chinese lotteries — Welfare Lottery and Sports Lottery – were founded in 1987 and 1994, respectively.

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