Keno and bingo: why operators should add pick 3 to online casinos

Do you know when the first lottery in the world appeared? The popular game today originated in Ancient China. According to historical data, in the 2nd century BC, the inhabitants of the country, led by the Emperor Cheng Lin, organized a lottery resembling modern keno, but with hieroglyphs instead of numbers. There is a legend that the Chinese managed to build their Great wall thanks to the profits from this gambling game.
Since then, a lot of time has passed, but the lottery still remains one of the main gambling entertainments in Asia, Europe and America. Today it exists in different variations, and different types of online lotteries are very popular among casino players.


This is one of the most popular types of lottery in the United States, England, Australia and other countries. How does the game work?
Participants will receive a special card with a unique set of numbers. Then the balls with numbers are mixed in the wheel of fortune and the winning numbers randomly fall out in turn. Participants search for them in their cards and cross them out. As soon as the player fills the entire card along the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, they must shout “Bingo!”. The game stops, the numbers are checked, and the winner gets their winnings.
During the game, participants may get a chance to get additional rewards – it makes people even more interested in the game. Even small bonuses motivate players to return to bingo again and again.


The main difference between keno casino lottery and bingo is the ability to choose numbers by lottery participants. Players independently choose the numbers on the playing field that they believe can become prize money. The more such numbers are guessed by a participant, the bigger their reward will be.
Initially, there were only 5 winning numbers in keno, but in the modern version of the lottery, a player can guess from 1 to 20 numbers out of 80 possible ones.

The importance of lotteries in online casinos

Officially, the first online lotteries appeared in the 1990s and opened a lot of opportunities for both players and gambling business owners. Why should you, as an operator, add lotteries to an online casino:
• First, people like to try their luck, knowing that they can get rewarded for it. The rules of such gambling games are quite simple and do not require special skills, and there is less risk of losing a huge amount than in slot machines.
• Second, modern technologies allow developers to regularly improve online lotteries: add colourful graphic elements, useful options, like pick 3 and nice bonuses. So, you can constantly attract and retain a wide audience of players by adding online lotteries to the casino resource.

How to choose a decent software

When choosing lotteries for online casinos, you should pay attention to companies with a world name. These companies offer keno and bingo lotteries, blackjack, and video slots.


Lotteries have become an integral part of social life since the time of the most ancient civilizations, which naturally explains why lotteries are the most regulated form of gambling, even though gambling is completely prohibited in many countries. It is also extremely important that lotteries have received their recognition from the world audience, who perceive this entertainment as a charming chance to radically change the entire course of human life, whose lottery instant ticket turned out to be the winning one.

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